Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Top of the morning Chefs and Buyers,
We have a nice selection of fish coming to our place overnight for you. High seas and gale winds are still keeping things tight on North Atlantic ground fish (cod, pollack, hake, monk, skate), and prices remain high in those categories. This is the usual trend in March followed by most of the fishing fleet forced to tie up because they have used up their allotted days at sea. We will begin to see more Icelandic cod becoming available to help offset limited Massachusetts fish.  
Better deals are to be had on Wild Striped Bass which are currently coming from the Chesapeake Bay area from both Virginia and Maryland. These stripers are generally big and we are picking out the nicest lots with many fish getting higher than expected yields. Blues are again showing up from Virginia and they are nicely sized between 4-8lbs, this size fish tends to have a much milder flavor and lighter flesh. Fluke from our local coastal waters have attracted boats from as far away as Georgia because of such abundance and prices could be coming down soon.
Blowfish tails are todays special little treat. Looking like small monk tails or even chicken drumsticks these tails are larger than what we generally see. Blowfish have a firm white meat that benefits from being cooked on the bone. Have some fun, they would be great prepared like southern fried chicken. We have less than 20 pounds available of this unique treat.
Also available Thursday: Florida grouper, fresh gulf shrimp, golden tile, escolar from panama, king clip, sturgeon and pompano.
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