Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wild Edibles Sales Update

Wednesday is always a good day to start planning for the weekend. Our shelves are bare in anticipation of Thursday, the day when we get in fresh shipments from Portugal, Holland, Greece and Florida just to name a few. These shipments usually sell out fast since we bring in only the best and let someone else have the rest. So if you would like sardines, fresh octo, large branzini and dorade or Dover sole let us know.
From our favorite Florida fish house we will be getting fresh white shrimp tails sized 16/20, these will be sweet and incomparable to anything frozen. The American red snappers are always bright and red with crimson gills, we spec them out in the 2-4lb range as they are by far the most requested size. We often get a handful of the captains by catch (non targeted species of fish), and they told us to expect some fancy pompano, and a mahi or two.
Shad are still being caught in good quantities in the Carolinas. We are getting new shipments daily, and cutting out roe to order. The roe of the shad is the most sought after part of the fish, but that leaves us with a lot of flavorful flesh unused. So for under $1.00 per pound we are offering whole gutted shad. Cooked low and slow the bones will dissolve, follow this link for some fresh inspiration and recipe ideas.
Also available and looking nice: Rhode Island black sea bass, Dayboat cod from Martha's Vineyard, Boston mackerel , and big steak pollack.
"Every fishing water has its secrets. A river or a lake is not a dead thing. It has beauty and wisdom and content. And to yield up these mysteries, it must be fished with more than hooks."
~Zane Grey
All the best,
Matthew Hovey
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