Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fw: Earth Day 2010

Dear Matthew,

Thanks for so much great info about sustainable seafood - it's hard to
keep up with the latest news on this issue but you seem to be very up to
date. I love food related ways to further the cause of conservation!

I am working with The Nature Conservancy on their 2010 Earth Day
campaign. We're taking a unique approach to Earth Day by providing simple
things the average person can do to help protect oceans. Our Top 5 Earth
Day Actions encourage protecting oceans in ways ranging from shopping
with reusable bags to adopting a coral reef. #2 Eat Sustainably has
recipes for sustainable seafood from chefs Mario Batali and Dan Barber.
It's really the little things that help make our oceans healthy.

Please check out our Earth Day mini-site at and
the Top 5 Earth Day action list below - it includes social network
messaging. If you like the list, we'd appreciate a link back or post to
your readers about our efforts on your blog; and any social media support
would also be great. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Wishing you a Happy 40th Anniversary this Earth Day.

Thank you,

Midori Matsuyama
Online Outreach
The Nature Conservancy

Top 5 Earth Day Actions (includes Tweets / Status Updates):

1. Use Reusable Bags

a. Hundreds of thousands of marine animals die every year from
ingesting plastic bags #EarthDay

2. Eat Sustainably

a. You eat fish even when you don't: 36% of world's fisheries
catch is used to feed farm animals #EarthDay

3. Green Your Gardening

a. Plant native species – they require less fertilizer, which can
seep into oceans! #EarthDay

4. Adopt A Coral Reef

a. 70% of all Earth's coral reefs will be destroyed by 2050, act
now! #EarthDay

5. See Oceans, Save Oceans

a. See OCEANS (4/22-4/28) & a portion of ticket sales benefits
Conservancy's work on coral reefs #EarthDay

6. *Bonus - General Earth Day messaging

a. It's time to celebrate Earth Day's 40th anniversary, we're
asking you to help protect oceans #EarthDay
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