Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good morning Chefs and Buyers,
We are excited to offer you stellar looking sea trout, these weakfish are ruby gilled and in mid-swim rigor. Not a targeted species we have a good but limited amount of this fine fleshed favorite. Black sea bass are readily available and as nice as ever with most specimens in the 3-4lb range. We have some smaller Onaga (2-4lbs), the larger ones sometimes get called "baseball bats" so these we will call these "billy clubs", a super fish at a very good price point. Pompanos are looking firm and resilient, these Florida fish are great filleted out or served whole, and the rich oily flesh is perfect for bold flavor pairings. 
Crayfish are in house and crawling about. Green signal crayfish are harvested in the clean mountain ponds and rivers of Northern California's Rock Mountain foothills. These little freshwater "lobsters" have a cleaner taste than the southern "mudbug".
We are proud to offer "Laughing Bird" fresh shrimp. If you currently use rock shrimp, or a frozen small shrimp these fresh never frozen zero additive shrimp are sweet enough top eat raw out of your hand. Sold by the one gallon bucket. This highly sustainable Belize crustacean is worthy of a tasting.
Choice Pacific Orchard oysters are our featured selection today. Pacific Orchards are farm raised in Stranges Bay, British Columbia and have the characteristic melon and cucumber flavors and juiciness desired in a west coast oyster. Grown out on the pebble beaches of the area the oyster is similar in shape to east coast varieties and easy to open. 
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Have a great day,
Matt Hovey

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