Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
We went a little crawfish crazy today. There is something about the rich earthy flavor of this humble crustacean that evokes this changing time of year. Today we have fresh and never frozen crawfish tail meats. They are a fine canvas and would be equally at home in hot or cold dishes. Poulet aux ecrevisses anyone? Use in place of lobster, shrimp or crab meat these plump little tails are a rare specialty. Packed in 1lb units with the flavorful coral and fat bathing the tail meats. Since it takes 6lbs of whole crayfish to make a pound of meat this is truly a good value.
Another southern specialty that will be forever tied to New Orleans is the redfish, as in blackened redfish. We have these very firm fleshed fish in today from an excellent producer in Texas. Redfish are members of the drum family they are characterized by having stout cylindrical bodies and rich firm flesh that can stand up to a variety of cooking methods and strong seasonings. We also have the southern hemisphere cousin suzuki sea bass from Australia and a handful of the local wild relative, weakfish aka sea trout.
Fresh water walleye pike are in today, big fish too, average size is between 3-6lbs. Real keepers with clear eyes, bright skin and still in rigor. Fishing for walleye is in full swing on the Great Lakes and these fish are in today from Port Clinton.
Wild King Salmon are in the house. Troll caught at the mouth of the Columbia River, and quickly dispatched overnight to JFK. Prices are starting to trend down, and we are seeing more landings this week. We hope that this is a good omen for this years wild salmon, but we are still a month or more away from the big river openings of sockeye and coho. The Chinook kings in today are beautiful fish, the flesh is exquisitely lined with fat, firm and bright red.  
Farmed Salmon is still totally out of control. The producers are relentless in demanding ever higher prices from the farms citing high demand limited production and higher feed costs. We are seeing our costs rise almost daily, and are trying to limit passing on these costs to our customers whenever possible.
Also available: Mexican red grouper, Australis Barramundi, hake, corvina, grey sole, golden tile, soft shelled crayfish and uni trays.
"A man though wise, should never be ashamed of learning more."
Be great,
Matthew Hovey
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