Monday, April 12, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good morning everyone,
Just arrived today from Iceland we have in big fresh dayboat cod, halibut and arctic char just in time to relieve some pressure on local shortages. We also have in new today halibut from Nova Scotia, the fish from both origins are in rigor and less than 24 hours out of frigid waters.
Grouper and Mahi are both in today from Mexican gulf waters and both are glistening with freshness and vivid colors that are indicative of their high quality. Corvina is in from Costa Rica since we had such a high demand last week. Domestic gulf products are in from Florida as well including; American red snappers, fresh 16/20 shrimp tails and grouper as well.
Todays specials of note are:
  • Mongchong / big scale pomfret, (taractichthys steindachneri) about 6lbs each these fish are a bycatch of the tuna fishing particularly in Hawaii, they have a delicate white flake when cooked and are good and fatty like hiramasa, they are loved by the Japanese and often served broiled or raw.
  • fresh Florida frog legs are in after a long respite, usually available during early spring we may not see them again until next year. They are not graded for size, but most are petite and tender.
  • Wild Columbia river Chinook spring King salmon is in sized 7-11 lbs, these are line caught and handled right every step of the trip here.
So no shortage of great fish here today. Start the week off right with a cool and tasty seafood specialty from the sea.
"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."
~Albert Einstein 
Have a great day,

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