Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
The great state of Alaska and the fishermen of Sitka have shipped us some exceptional wild king salmon. Sized 11-18lbs these troll caught spring kings are rich fatty and very firm, prices are down as well. Halibut from Alaska arrived with the kings and although nice, most fish are under 20lbs today.  Live dungeness crabs from B.C., Canada round out north pacific specialties today.
Soft shell crabs are in full molt with the warmer weather coming up the coast. Most crabs are coming from South Carolina via Maryland. The Maryland crab houses are shipping live crab from the south and they are molting out in the shadows of the Chesapeake before they ship to us. Jumbos are still the most plentiful size, primes and hotels are slowly increasing in availability.
Local fish today include: fat and fabulous blackfish (tautog) from a small Rhode Island dayboat, large (2-3lb) "Greek" porgies trap caught in the Long Island Sound, snapper blues and the Delaware striped bass they came in with. Local Long Island fluke continue to be landed in historical amounts, it looks as though the restrictions of years past have allowed this favorite commercial and game fish to recover.
Ono also called Wahoo is due in tonight. Think of a giant Boston Mackerel with milder white flesh. Wahoo is great grilled and barely cooked. It can also be used as a crudo or in sushi applications. Florida hand lined mako shark is also available as are fancy American red snappers, and fresh shrimps from the Sunshine State.
Ask us about our full line of frozen items including premium specialties like New Zealand Blue Abalone, Soft Shelled Crayfish, Bruce Gore King Salmon, and Pacu-Pacu fish ribs!
"Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule or the cook."
~Harry Oliver, artist and humorist
Have a great day,

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