Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Happy Earth Day Chefs and Buyers,
We have a great selection of fancy fish that are great for plate service. Beautiful pink snappers (1-3lbs) from Florida just arrived, the pink snapper is actually a member of the bream family and has delicate white flesh like dorade. Real solid black sea bass are available in large (1.75lbs avg) and jumbo (3-5lb) sizes, these are super fancy fish with bright crimson gills and board stiff. A fish we wish we could have gotten more of, blackfish also called tautog is on our short list of the best eating fish. Tautog (2-6lbs) feeds mostly on small invertebrates like crustacean and shellfish so the flesh of the fish takes on a sweet crab like quality.
Wild stripe bass are being landed in Virginia and Delaware with the bigger fish mostly coming from the former, all are vibrant and firm fleshed. Corvina has been growing in popularity so we have new fish coming from Costa Rica, they are headed and gutted with sturdy flesh and yellow and gold skin.
West coast flights in last night brought us short trip halibut and the venerable wild king salmon. The wild king salmon (Chinooks) are troll caught from the mouth of the Columbia River and they are incredible. These early season kings are rich and fatty since they are caught before they start to migrate upriver and are still feeding in the crill rich waters.
We will have a vat of east coast halibut from a Nova Scotia dayboat available Friday, this particular boat is consistent and sends us what can only be called true top of the catch.
Try some fancy petite Wellfleet oysters, only 2-2.5 inches they are jammed full of rich briny meats and deep cupped with clean easy to open shells they are just slightly larger than a beu soleil, or a caraquet.
Also available: whitebait, whitefish, sturgeon, fresh shrimp, local dory, big belly monk tails 4+, Rhode Island razor clams, and barramundi.
"My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four, unless there are three other people"
~Orson Welles
Have a great day,
Matthew Hovey
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